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Teb ABzar ASia Co. (TABASMED) Teb Abzar Asia (Abbreviated as TABAS MED Co.)Is a medical company established in 2004 by gathering of expert and educated people in the related fields. Its main field has been laboratory equipment in Hematology and Cytology , Pathology ,Biochemistry and molecular diagnostics and through its subsidiary- Abzar Chrom Pars(CAP Co.) on Analytical instrumentation( Hplc , Lc /MS ,Atomic absorption. Gas chromatography…) In order to expend our presence in the international market we have established (in 2015) our company in U.A.E :TABASMED Middle East F.Z.E in RAK-UAE and for the time being we are exclusive distributor of Celltrazone and Masterdiagnostica in Middle east and north Africa.


At the moment we are representing the following companies ,all on exclusive basis: 1) Wescore (U.S):Hematology slide stainer , Sweat Analysis system , Osmometers .(OFAC LICENSE RECIVED FROM TREASURY OF USA) 2)Alfawassermann (U.S):Electrolyte analyzer. (OFAC LICENSE RECIVED FROM TREASURY OF USA) 3)Celltrazone (south korea): (Eprep) liquid based cytology preparation system 4)Eschwieler (Germany) :Blood Gas analyzers 5)Master Diagnostica (Spain): Hpv Detection systems 6)AMS (Italy):Automated Nephelometery system 7)O’prime (Canada):Pathology instrumentations 8)Diatron (Hungry): Heamatology Analyzers 9)Kyratec (Australia):Thermal cycler 10)Denovix (United states):Nano spectrometr 11)Genetbio (Korea): Molecular kits 12)Nanogen-Elitech gruop (Italy): Molecular kits 13)Mupid (Japan):Electrophoresis tanks 14)Diamond diagnostic (USA): Electrolyte Analyzers and refurbished flowcytometery   Team Arrangement: 1)Official personnel including the board of directors: Nine people 2)service personnel :Five skilled people 3)sales and marketing :seven experienced people 4)one molecular biologist has just joined the group. Total of 22 people We are being advised by three consultants in the related fields who are among well Reputed and highly ranked people in the public and privet sector Turnover: the last year (2014):turnover is more than US$5,500,000 Vision: Accessible and dependable healthcare for all Accessible: Within reach and affordable Dependable: Accurate, repeatable and updated Healthcare: Prevention , diagnosis ,treatment and cure. Mission: We monitor the health care needs of the society ,maintain close connection with the key people who can best address these needs and find the best solution around the globe to best suite These needs and make sure all these pints are best connected to provide accessible, dependable health care for all. Timelines are critical. We need all the help at its cost. End justifies mean.