Of technical and support services for Teb Abzar Asia from the beginning of its activities as one of the fundamental bases of medicine to the beginning of the tool is raised. The main cause of the technical support and provide the best and fastest type of support and service during warranty and post-warranty and will want to have in this way a rapid upward trend. In this way we try to recruit qualified and familiar with medical and laboratory equipment and the use of modern tools and equipments to date and the most cost-warranty service and repair centers and its customers provide. ‚óŹ Define our goals of increasing the level of awareness and technical personnel to its customers. Therefore we try Hubs and links with universities and research labs and companies that represent them the scientific and technical sectors, we have. International experience and local holding companies so that we can make the best use of the experiences and problems and questions are likely to pay a more accurate and scientific as possible to efficiently fix and a small step to promote scientific laboratories, and our homeland expertise take. Dear colleagues, our customers laboratory and medical centers have an important role in our progress. Feedback and suggestions of those who are constantly using our products, we have helped a lot in developing the new valve is opened to us and was very helpful and always been grateful for their criticism. For our mutual Nyzkvshsh we have to offer better services to meet customers and those of our endless thanks. Has always been our belief that our customers, the right to the highest service and fix the problems as soon as they know their obligations and their rights in the best way to do this request and try our best for the Advancement of their will be always to Sharbkhsh services and support to the growing effort and continuous progress and respect more in line with customer satisfaction, realize.


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